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Ability to turn off LED light

It would be great to be able to select to turn OFF the led lamp on the front of Monument (or limit the use to uploading/performing times etc.) Having it on ALL of the time seems pointless?

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it would be even better if we knew exactly what the lights meant. 

If it's white, does that mean it's not scanning the hard drive? (i.e. If I expected it to read it, and it's not, therefore, it's okay to unplug it?)

If it's blue, it's scanning. DO NOT DO ANYTHING. The device is reading the hard drive. DO NOT UNPLUG.

If it's red.... etc...


@Drew: Please refer to your Manual's pages 8 and 11. Attaching those pages for your reference.

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Any chance you can add the option for us to turn it off except when it's doing something productive?  I can opt for it on my Sonos, and other electronics - much prefer to not have it glowing all of the time!

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...or even dim the standby light. My current solution is a little peace of Tesa glued over the LED -> I still can see the different colors and flashing signals, but it is not that annoying while watching TV (the monument is placed under the TV)

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