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mobile App photo browsing scroll bar

It is difficult to browse through a lot of photos when you have to scroll page by page. Some other apps like Android contacts allow scrolling by letter on the right side or something similar. This would allow quicker jumping to the bottom too. A resize of thumbnails would also be nice like Sony Xperia album app.

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Ya, resizing the thumb nails would be GREAT!!!!!

That's a great feature request. 

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Yes! The photos tab should group pictures together by months/years with clear headers to segregate them while allowing a scroll bar / scrubber to quickly browse through. I've previously been using everpix (before they call it quits), picturelife, smugmug and now Google photos and all of them have this capability. The Google photos app does it really well. Really looking forward to this as the other solutions I'm using are all on the cloud (which is no favourable) only monument gives me local storage

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The scroll bar should also show on the side a date (month -year) indicator while scrolling. This would bring to the main window the time navigation that is missing. Keep up the good work!

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Good to know that this feature is planned:)

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