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Incorrect Facial Recognition

I tagged a face with a name and yet when I filter to show all the photos of that person, a bunch of photos show up that do not contain that person.  How can I "correct" the facial recognition to note for a given photo that the person the system thinks is in the photo is not there? 

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There needs to be an ability to remove photos from a 'faces' tag. The program has misidentified a couple of people (and since there's no way to see all photos before you set the person name you can't weed it out in advance), and there's no way to remove a misidentified photo without deleting the photo entirely from the device.

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Absolutely. This, and name editing is coming rather soon.

I've used at least 20 photos to tag myself in a folder .. unfortunately, whenever I have my new photos in the phone, the Monument is unable to recognise my face at all ... not even one. Hence the facial recognition is really not working, and cannot even recognise any facial. I've to keep tagging myself to the folder. This is one of the man feature in Monument, and yet it has been disappointing.

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Hi Monument,
Like Bryce and Jared, I'd like to report some glitches.
Though some some items have already been reported I'm going to tell you what I have noticed:
- the recognition process looks poor some time. It locates faces over a series of pictures taken at one moment but it is not able to recognise the same faces over other pictures. My own face is presented so many times for tagging (like other faces anyway).
- once faces are tagged, you realise there were wrong associations. When tagging, you can't know in advance which pictures contain this face. Afterwards you can't edit single pictures to remove just one face tag.
- the merging process seems to have some limits: one I have tagged my face,over and over, the process stalls. The pictures are not grouped any more, the number of pictures under my tag does not increase and my face thumbnail is still present for tagging.
- the programme was able to recognise a dog (a very nice golden cocker :-)
- some times thumbnails are not faces at all (just some elements in the photo)

I know you're working hard, keep up the good job.


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Just tried facial recognition. Ditto for all the above. Also, evidently I look like the "shame" priestess in a game of thrones meme (not really though...) and my 2 yr old and 37yr old wife are evidently indistinguishable; I know my wife looks young for her age, but... lol. I know you're working on it- just adding some humor. :-)

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We are aware that the facial recognition needs to improve, and it will. But first, we will bring face name editing and far better face merging capabilities. We do appreciate the humor.  :-)

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When giving the same name to a couple of groupings I was into given the option to merge with the existing name. When given the option to merge nothing seems to happen,.

All of the issues with face management have been resolved, with the exception of Face detection accuracy, which we are working on presently, and will probably release next week.