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How about getting an app for both MacOS and Windows, not only so we can easily access all our photos but so that we can easily upload all the old photos that we have in our computer and not on our phones? Also if it understood the file management systems of both OS and create an album for every folder uploaded getting its name as an album of its name as a folder, it would be simply magic!

Please do it

Thanks! Nice job up until now! 

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Linux support would be nice as well. Or a web based desktop access via web browser.


A desktop app is absolute necessity. We all have hundrets if not thousands of photos on our harddrives that we want to manage all togheter, not just the photos from our phones.

I was very disapointed to see that there was no desktop support for the device.

Also until now i am not able to use the device. I am over one week trying to get it to work but unable to install the first firmware. It should already come with the update not to let us get over all this hussle. Support has been very week answering my questions.

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How about a decent webinterface instead? That could cover a bunch of OSes right away and limitations compared to a desktop app aren't that heavy any more - there are many frameworks out there, that can even handle things like uploading multiple files quite nicely already. Another way to bulk-upload images without a desktop-app would be to use a shared folder on the monument as an inbox of some sort (smb, webdav, ftp ...).

just my 2 cents

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