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Is it possible the send this thing back and get a refund?


- this devices costed me now hours of frustrating work

- this device costed a lot of money ( had to pay extra import tax, i know, nothing you can do about that)

- this device is not found by 4 android devices (yes, in nRF) and one ipone

- forums are filled with same problems

- most basic functionality is not implemented and considered to prioritised

I know this is the early kickstarter risk but this really not ok.

Oscar; we are not offering refunds on crowd-funded units. We have not seen a ticket from you until today. Since you appear to have successfully setup your Monument, but now having issues reconnecting to your Monument, please refer to these instructions to troubleshoot. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

PS. Bluetooth connection is NOT needed once initial setup is completed.

PPS. This problem originates from Android hardware and software fragmentation.

Can you please tell us about your network, your router, and what you are seeing in Bonjour Browser. If you are on the same network, the device is connected wirelessly or wired (have your tried), etc. Please do so with a support ticket.