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Upload Video as Well

I would love the ability to upload video to monument as well.  I find that I need to some how upload my videos somewhere.

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I was under the impression videos were already supported, as per the website, kickstarter that it was already existing feature.

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All of us have videos mixed with our photos.  They should be at least a way to put them in a folder (~organized by time or album) and attached to the same physical folder structure as the photos so that they can be found at least manually.

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yep video would be really handy, I sometimes make vids with my camera and after plugging in mij card in minument all photo's are uploaded, but the videos aren't. Now I have to do that manually.

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I would love to have my videos stored on monument as well to make sure i have a real backup of everything is that something that can happen anytime soon with feature additions?

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This will make more out of the HDMI Out port.

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It's been about a month since my inquiry...when will we have video? It consumes 75% of my phone's space and I cannot free it up!!! The more I dump to monument the more locked I feel.. if I need to go another direction and call this a lost cause I need to know now!

@Justin: Video will be implemented, it is just been delayed unfortunately. The infrastructure is all but there, but the final implementation is still ahead of us.

Video support?  Awesome because I have tons of it!

Please submit a new updated roadmap with new updated dates. The one you keep referring to is now 3 months old. I'm really wishing I did not spend my money on this product. It has actually made me no longer purchase from kickstarter.

Starting with 1.3.6 device firmware we support video uploads and 1.3.7 brings some improvements and fixes.

Video will be later. We did a lot more bug fixing than anticipated, but the good news is that we are finally there today. Updates to Apps and firmware coming in a matter of next few hours. This one is a big one.

I agree with everyone. The primary consumer of storage that needs to be archived is video. I too purchased a few of these devices based on that promise. When can we anticipate the feature?

Despite a few small setbacks, we have been following the timeline in this roadmap fairly religiously.

As per your roadmap, we were supposed to get video backup to monument by 2/15 but I don't see it yet and you responded the the earlier posts that it will come later. When is the video backup from phones expected?
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