Updates (12/22/2016)

Hi Everyone,

We have released updates on all platforms. 

iOS (1.3.1)


• Auto-upload related issues are fixed

• Fix a bug causing excessive storage usage

• Other minor improvements

Android (1.0.686)


• Face tagging support

• Photo sharing

• USB drive management

• BT Setup improvements

• Various bugfixes

Device Firmware (1.1.18)


• Handles MSR partitions and resolves USB drive not recognized issue

• Fixes LED indicator showing erroneous colors

• Fixes a bug that causes content analyzing to halt

• Fixes a bug where an odd WEP configuration causes Wi-Fi setup problems

• Version information is now displayed on TV screen at all times

Happy holidays everyone.

Thank you for your support.

The Monument Team

Just tested out the face tagging on the Android app. It tagged some of the faces, but did not identify every face.I deleted the pictures and re-uploaded them, and it didn't identify any faces at all that time around.

I just rebooted my monument device.   During the reboot, it downloaded three firmware updates (that I saw, may have been more - 3.2MB, 92MB, 512K are the ones I noted) and now says "Update Available (kernel_1.1.1,app_1.1.18)" on the screen.    What do I need to do next?   If leave it alone is the answer, then you need to add something to this screen?   The blue LED is flashing on the front of the box.


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The firmware download is somehow failing. If it does not work even with an ethernet cable connected to your router, the easiest way out may manually updating your firmware. Details can be found here. We updated the image last night with the latest version as indicated above.

@Dave, to follow up, did you check your phone after you see the message on your TV? You should've received a message asking you to accept the new firmware if the download was successful.

I have the Android App installed on a tablet and all I get now is a window saying "Monument device software needs to be updated.  Please wait for the download to complete."  with a spinning icon above the monument picture.     This is after I did the SD card upload process (twice actually) with yesterday's software on it.

I saw no message about accepting update.  You should put a message to this affect on the HDMI screen telling people what to expect next.

white LED is lit on the device.   No USB hard drive is plugged in.

I am frustrated by the lack of feedback from the device as to what it is doing.   In a development environment like this, I am assuming you have a way to monitor the device via a private IP port. Sharing it with some of your advanced beta testers might be beneficial.

I saw no message on the Android app.   do you have a guaranteed way to start over?  I am trying the factory reset and it is not able to talk to the monument over BT as part of the reset process. 

I did also plug in the ethernet cable.   I do have different IP address ranges on the wired vs. wireless networks and have they routed thru a SonicWall TZ215 firewall.  I am going to speculate that this complexity of network has not been on your test plan so far.   

Do you have a way to monitor what the device is doing that could be shared with the more advanced beta test subjects?    I find it frustrating to have no feedback what so ever on the HDMI screen and the two android installations are not helping with any good information.

Reset is not the best thing to do under these circumstances. That's why we recommended SD card firmware update.

Do you have a way to monitor what the device is doing that could be shared with the more advanced beta test subjects?

You can send us diagnostic data under settings.

I have been trying to update your product and have had no luck. I am having the same trouble as Dave  "Update Available (kernel_1.1.1,app_1.1.18)" on the screen.   

Now that I have found this forum your site says to use an SD card to download an image to manually install on your device.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Now I have to buy an SD card to try to make this thing usable?  Unacceptable.

This issue was not fixed with this update for me: • Fixes a bug that causes content analyzing to halt

I have sent off a diagnostic data about an hour ago.   

My first two clients were a Samsung S5 and a Dell Venue 8 7840 tablet running Android 5.1.  The S5 is running Android 6.0.1.     When I try to connect with the Venue 8, I get a message "Monument device software needs to be updated. please wait"     This is after I did the SD Card update.   The HDMI output shows the Monument screen with fake pictures changing.

The Samsung App, opens with a "Plug in a USB drive to get started".    This happens with or without a USB drive plugged in.

I then installed the App on an iPad Mini and after connecting (prompted for Access code, but couldn't find one and finally got to recovery code and entered that), the iPad is saying "Monument Device software needs to be updated......"

I am pretty well stuck here.   Need advice on how to recover to get something working.   I am OK with a full clean start process, but don't seem to be making much progress here.

Agree with Dave. I had to connect the device with hdmi to my tv in order to update the firmware. This should not be the case. I was expecting a stand alone device. The iOS app is not indicating update is expecting an tv to be connected. Send diagnostics to you guys is great, but as a user you would like to have insight to the diagnostics to analyse the issue yourself too.


 This is after I did the SD Card update.

We are changing the image fairly frequently. 1-2 time a week. So, an older SD Card image will require an update rather quickly. We have the most current image on our site now.

"Plug in a USB drive to get started".

If the drive was previously not cleanly unmounted, at bootup, the Monument will check its integrity. This can take a long time. For example, a 75% full 250 Gb SSD sitting in a USB housing takes about 7-8 minutes. During that time, the drive is not available. We will put up a message indicating that that is what's going on.

I then installed the App on an iPad Mini and after connecting (prompted for Access code, but couldn't find one and finally got to recovery code and entered that), the iPad is saying "Monument Device software needs to be updated......"

Multiple device connection is not currently supported, but will be soon. (See here.) We have had reports of people entering the recovery code for this purpose successfully, but we have not tested the scenario that you are running. You can do an SD card update most recent image, and that firmware message should go away.

In an effort to simplify this, I will remove Monument App from the Dell Venue Pro and primarily use the Samsung app going forward.  

Second, I used the 2016_1222_60 SD card firmware to update the unit and the HDMI screen does say 1.1.18 in the lower left corner.   That's for provide something useful on the HDMI screen - a simple dashboard would be great - how many photos are on the system, how much disk space used and remaining, replication/backup update, update on other background tasks, networking information on how to access the device.

I see that there is a new android release on 12/23, so I have just updated to this on the Samsung.  It can find the Monument and the phone displayed the request to plug in the USB to get started.  I plugged in the drive and now the LED is flashing blue, but the dialog box is still on the phone.   I will let it flash for a while.  The HDD is a 1TB SATA HDD that is wiped clean and formatted with NTFS.

I cannot send diagnostic info now (Failure warning, please try again).  and the HDMI display is not displaying anything bug the random photo icons.


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