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Update available (kernel_1.1.1,app_1.1.18)

Still having issues on the initial set up.  All of the facts are below so you can explain to me the best way to proceed.  Please help, the initial excitement of having the device is quickly losing its charm despite following instructions on these forums on how to proceed!

  • My monument ios app was updated on iphone 6 to version 1.3.1 on 22nd Dec 2016.  The monument app now keeps having the spinning icon, but now the background message tells me the "monument device software needs to be updated.  Please wait for download to complete."
  • The Monument device itself keeps looking to update, at first a light blue light on the device with the monument home screen.  It goes through a various set of updates, sequence is:  3.2MB firmware update; 94.2MB firmware update; 512kb update.  The device then hangs at "Update available (kernel_1.1.1,app_1.1.18)" and does not proceed further.

Have you connected the device using an HDMI cable to a TV or monitor? Without that the first firmware update cannot proceed.

Yes, was connected to a TV via HDMI cable

the easiest way to proceed is probably following this procedure found here