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What now?

Take a look, what do I do now? This entire app is a mystery to me. I have no idea what the icons mean or do? Here is an example of my confusion.....

@Graeme: Our Engineering team has been in contact with you. We are locking this topic, as we will be handling it through the ticket system.

Nothing had changed, I'm on the same network, same everything, absolutely nothing has changed.

@erwin: connect an ethernet cable to your Monument, and connect the other end to your new router. Go into Settings...

Regarding item 3. in the reference instructions - what to do if no longer have access to wifi network on which monument was originally set-up on???


Ok, not working! Can I please get a call back. Still just a flashing blue light and no access via the app. Ethernet cable connected. Please arrange a call back, this back and forth via forum is doing my head in.....
Thanks, will try

@Graeme: Now you appear to have connected to it. Since it appears that you have successfully setup your Monument, but now having issues reconnecting to your Monument, please refer to these instructions to troubleshoot.

Ok, I have blue flashing light on monument. My app simply refuses to connect to my monument. I've tried a wired connection, but nothing is happening, see attached. Can somebody please call me again before I smash this thing....

@Graeme: Certain android phones are an endless source of issue. Due to the highly fragmented nature of Android hardware and software, we are seeing a lot more initial connection problems with Android via Bluetooth. Samsung phones such as S7 as well as other phones from popular Android brands can have consistent problems connecting over Bluetooth for initial setup.

There has been some workarounds reported.  Start with disconnecting all USB devices, and rebooting your MonumentOn occasion, restarting the phone allows initial setup, and then there are no further issues since Bluetooth is only used during setup. Alternatively, turning the Bluetooth off and then back on on the phone seems to also help. It has been reported that if you turn off the Bluetooth, then reboot the phone, then run the Monument app and let it turn on Bluetooth, it tends to work best.

This is all I'm getting now. 35 minutes!
Yes, I understand that, but when? How long does the process take? 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 52 weeks?

@Graeme: Our support person that talked to before will revert back to you with the diagnosis.

Second picture shows the brick on my shelf with a light that indicates its connected. Any news on my diagnosticis? Been three weeks now and still no reply.

@Graeme: Not sure what the second picture is showing, but we do have an occasional disconnect problem on Android. While it is harmless, it is indeed annoying. We resolved this issue, currently in testing, should be out Monday or Tuesday.