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What now?

Take a look, what do I do now? This entire app is a mystery to me. I have no idea what the icons mean or do? Here is an example of my confusion.....

Hi Graeme,

Thank you very much for sharing this video. It makes it very clear and it appears that the app cannot load the face thumbnails properly. Seems like a temporary network issue. Could you please retry doing this?

We are notifying our Android app team with this info and the app will provide better user feedback in such cases.

Nope, no change
Mine does the same
Not heard anything further about this! What's happening?
And? Any further news on this monument? Or the fact that as soon as I try view a photo on mobile phone it turns to a black screen.

Graeme, one of our staff was in contact with you and it turns out that your drive doesn't have any photos at all. That is the reason for blank faces and photos. Our team is analyzing your device diagnostics and will contact you with more information.

Thank you.

Hi Monument,

Any further news yet?



Nope? Nothing? Anyone there?


The team will get back to you with details regarding your diagnostics.

We appreciate your patience.


We know, and we did a lot more bug fixing than anticipated, but the good news is that we are finally there today. Updates to Apps and firmware coming in a matter of next few hours. This one is a big one.

not bad - 9 promises , 2 delivered -LOL!

Just "hours" away from the "promised" land. HAHA!

Thanks for update guys, unfortunately nothing has changed here. Any news on my diagnosticis? It's been two weeks now, nobody has got back to me yet.
Can somebody please get back to me? Nothing has changed, I literally have no photos on the device despite it saying they are being uploaded. Since engineer spoke to me 2 weeks ago I've heard nothing. Getting frustrated.