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Import iPhone Photos that are NOT in the Camera Roll

So I regularly download my iPhone Camera Roll to a laptop, delete them from the Camera Roll, and then sync back the downloaded folder (which has lots of subfolders because I like them more organized than the Camera Roll allows). I'd like to suggest the ability to import those non Camera Roll photos. (Obviously I could also copy them to an SD card or wait for desktop HD import as well and get them from the folder there.)

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YES! I have all our baby's photos divided into sub-folders by year and month. They are on my hard-drive connected to the Monument, but they don't show up in the app. It's beyond frustrating. I've got years of somewhat organized pictures on my drive and can't see them unless I unmount the drive and plug it into my laptop... defeating the purpose of the monument. This needs fixed ASAP so existing photos can be accessed.

Hard Drive import, and Mac and PC client import are the one of the most requested missing features, and they are coming soon starting with the Hard Drive import very soon. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks! Totally didn't expect a response right away. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas back to you Chris, happy holiday cheers :-)

Merry christmas to the monument team! Can you please update the feature roadmap dates? So we know when to expect the features.

Thank you Zaid, same to you and to your loved ones. :-) We will update the feature roadmap very soon. Cheers.

I would add another vote for this very critical feature- Monument isn't very useful if we can't 'library' the old pictures.  I had thought when I saw the first kickstarted video, it was supposed to import old libraries if they were on a disk you plugged in.

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