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Problem adding/merging new face

Hi Monument :-)

When trying to merge a face it seems the process just stops  working at some moment. There is no merging and the counter showing the number of pictures under tagged faces doesn't increase.

By the way, the same faces are presented for tagging too many times. It seems the recognition process works only over the same series of photos and not for ALL the photos containing a given face. The "fragmentation" is too high.

2 people have this problem

Please select Settings/Share Diagnostic Information. This creates a singular diagnostic data submission which will create a new ticket with your device data. We will revert back as soon as we identify the cause of your issue.

OK, done ! :-)


I have exact same problem. Just send you diagnostc information too.

Same here - suspect following spaces are some sort of the problem?

With last week's and this week's updates, all of these issues should be resolved. Please let us know through the ticket system, if you are continuing to have issues.