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Updates won't load

I tried to install and set up Monument, but it kept getting stuck trying to update and nothing happened. I uninstalled the program, but now it wants my access our recovery code, neither of which I have.
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In order for the very first firmware update to proceed properly, your Monument needs to be connected to a monitor or a TV using its HDMI connector in the back. Once you do so, power down your Monument, remove any connected USB drives, restart your Monument, relaunch the App, and attempt setup the device once again. Please proceed the with installation of the new firmware once the App asks informs you that there is new firmware available.

If your Monument fails to download the firmware, you may want to connect your Monument to your router with an ethernet cable.

If you do not have access to an HDMI monitor/TV, or a connection cable, then you can alternatively use the SD card update procedure detailed hereWe apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE: Recovery code should only be needed if you have erased and reinstalled the App, which is not recommended. (Quit and relaunch the App instead.) However, should you need your recovery code and you don't have the one which was emailed to you, you can get your recovery code here. Please note that you can only get your recovery code if you had been able to update your firmware. If you are unable to get your recovery code, you will need to reset your unit, following these instructions. Following reset uninstall and reinstall the App.