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Updated firmware, still can't finish install

I was trying to update the firmware with the Monument connected to my computer, which didn't work and it kept telling me I needed an access code. I did reinstall the app and then figured out that the Monument has to be connected to my TV. Now it has updated the firmware but I still can't finish installing because I don't have an access code and I can't get a recovery code either. Already tried. Getting frustrated!

Access code will be available from the App that was first setup only to add additional devices, but we have not yet turned this feature on. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here


Recovery code should only be needed if you have erased and reinstalled the App, which is not recommended. (Quit and relaunch the App instead.) However, should you need your recovery code and you don't have the one which was emailed to you, you can get your recovery code here. Since you seem to have have successfully updated the firmware, this should work.

Please note that you can only get your recovery code if you had been able to update your firmware. If you are unable to get your recovery code, you will need to reset your unit, following these instructions. Following reset uninstall and reinstall the App.

I keep getting stuck when trying to reset to factory settings. In the app it gets as far as Trying to find Monument. Establishing connection. But it doesn't go any further than that.

You did update the firmware, right? If you have, it should be indicate on the HDMI connected monitor at the lower right corner.

Yes, attached is what came up after I downloaded the firmware, as well as the screen in the app I keep getting stuck on.

You seem to be trying to do a factory reset on the original firmware, which will not work. Please follow this procedure. Thanks.