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Not Stuck Analyzing - Just Not Really Doing It With Lots Of Pics

So I've imported over 188,000 pictures. It takes a while and does the importing with no reported error. However, after reaching about half-full of the total, I don't see any results of analysis. It didn't find the cameras I used for the last half of the import total, and it doesn't seem to be showing the faces from that last part of the import.

I have pictures from 1998 to present day. I started with the oldest and loaded up a 64GB SD card with what would fit, and then put the SD card into the Monument box. I did this many times over a period of days. For the first half, or so, it would import and then analyze and produce viewable results - and then it didn't.

After a while, it would go through the import process and then not analyze. I would then repower the box and it would say it was analyzing. With over 188,000 pictures, it analyzes for over a day and then stops as if it was done - no reported errors. As I said, I can tell from the lack of my newer cameras and my bald head and grey beard, that it did nothing with these newer pictures.

I know you are working on getting this software right. I just wanted you to know that at least one user has over 200,000 pictures over an 18 year period taken with many different cameras and several phones.

To be honest, David, we believe you have the most number of photos that we have ever heard. We'd love to see what it is doing, and if you could send us a diagnostic submission we can learn and diagnose. (Please select Settings/Share Diagnostic Information. This creates a singular diagnostic data submission which will create a new ticket with your device data. We will revert back as soon as we identify the cause of your issue.)

I have similar digital library and although I haven't move it all over yet, once you can provide a PC interface and support for NIKON .NEF format upload, I will let it loose.

I am finding that during the Analyzing Content phase, I cannot create an album manually and also having problems merging faces by typing the names.


@David: We have implement Folder import with last week's release, and have addressed all known issues of "stuck analyzing". Please let us know through the ticket system if you are continuing to have issues.