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Firmware update error

I updated the firmware in the monument and now its turning on an off continuously. How do i fix it???

There are a few possibilities:

  1. Verify that there is no RED LED light flashing in the front of your Monument occasionally, or being permanently on. If so, disconnect all USB devices, and recycle power on your Monument. See if it goes away once the device boots (~30 seconds)
  2. If there is RED LED light flashing in the front of your Monument occasionally, or being permanently on, even after you disconnected your USB devices, then your device may be in a reboot loop. You may need to follow these instructions. However, follow these instructions only if there is a RED LED light visible even if occasionally while the unit is idling. 

In the instructions you sent it asks to open a Terminal app for Mac OSX i can not find it. Where ahould i look for it, how does it look like. I cant believe you asks regular customers to go through this kind of rebooting process to make your product work
I downloaded a substitute to terminal app but it does not let me type in the password once i run the code please HELP!
And now my computer is not reading other SDs? Please Help

@rodrigo: If you are still struggling with this, see our simpler USB update procedure. Closing topic.