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Desperately missing features

Just received the device and started using it. I must confess, I did misunderstand the specs and was not aware that it works with the iPhone app only hence I think it best fits in the category «feature request». My fault but nevertheless, these are the missing features which make the unit hard to use if not useless:

1. I have some 50’000 plus photos on my PC. They are stored in folders titled according to events rather than date. I assert this is the standard situation for most users. Just very few people start without having already a collection in some sort of folder structure. I did not find a way to import this collection into Monument, keeping the given structure.

2. Obviously the only way to manage the pictures is using the smartphone. Frankly, managing a collection of pictures on a smartphone with its tiny screen is a nuisance and you cannot even use it in landscape mode. It is indispensable to have a program or app running on a desktop PC with a decent monitor and a keyboard. What are people doing if they have no smartphone? Of course there is a possibility to insert a SD card but again you only see the pics on the smartphone monitor. And what about the already existing pics?

3. It is being told that you can «Access your memories anytime, anywhere. On smartphones, tablets and TVs.» This is simply not true. As far as I see it, you have to have the Monument app installed to see the pictures. Again, you are bound to the tiny screen of a smartphone. How can you see it on an TV? How can you see it on a PC?

4. The Monument device is not visible in the network. This is a no go.

5. The face recognition is rather poor. Even in photos taken within a minute from the same point of view, same light, just a little different head pose the face is not being recognized. I assume, this will be refined as time goes by.

The most important points are 1. and 2. Without having access to a PC and the possibility to add pictures from an existing collection outside of a smartphone and maintain an existing structure, the device is rather a toy than a serious help to collect my photos. I am rather disappointed.


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  1. We have users who have double that at nearly 100k, so not a issue. You will be able to import your pictures over your hard drive, but we have not enabled that yet. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here. Please note that we also intend to release PC and Mac clients to help importing further down the road. Currently, you can import from your mobile device or SD card. The easiest way to import is to put your photos on an SD card that is formatted either with FAT32, NTFS, or HFS+ (avoid exFAT format and SDXC cards). Insert the SD card into your Monument using the slot in the front, and let it import all of the pictures. The LED in the front will blink green during import. Once it stops blinking green, you can remove the SD card. Depending on the size and the contents of the SD card, this may take a while.
  2. Smart device -> The only way for now apart from the clients mentions above.
  3. The smart device is the vehicle to see the picture apart from seeing them on TV (coming soon)
  4. This is not currently turned on yet, but will be available soon. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here.
  5. This is a starting point and will get better from here. 

Hope this answers some of your questions, and thank you for your patience.

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I have to say I'm a little disappointed as well.   Not pissed off, just sad it's not fully functional.  I try to search, want to hook up to a PC, download from PC, rearrange, etc.  I received my unit a while ago and finally got a HD for it and thought I'd get started.  Now that I'm starting to use it, I'm finding I need to wait for a while until the software/firmware/etc. is updated.

The facial recognition is frustrating as I have like 50 photos of me or my wife that are not grouped and I have to go in individually and add.  I'll wait for some enhancements.

I know it's difficult so keep on the good work, I know you'll get there and we'll all be happy.


We know, and we did a lot more bug fixing than anticipated, but the good news is that we are finally there today. Updates to Apps and firmware coming in a matter of next few hours. This one is a big one.

OH Great job on the latest update!  I was able to merge a bunch of photos by selecting them individully and give them a name.  Then merge those with my big album with the same name.  I haven't tried anything else yet but that was a biggie - woohoo!  :-)  Thanks.  See, I knew you guys were bustin your tails.  You'll get there.  :-)

Yes we are, and very much appreciate the kind recognition. Cheers. :-)

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