Firmware Update (1/3/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We're starting off the year with a bug-fix release of our device firmware that addresses the following issues:

- sometimes uploaded photos do not appear on the app

- certain files could cause the analysis process to halt

If you still experience issues after applying the update please create a ticket with us.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Monument Labs

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@Monument: Thanks for the update! My firmware has been upgraded, but it's still stuck analysing. It's on endless white LED blinks for days. Adding some faces would also give an error (picture attached). In addition, Time Machine only gives me 23 photos from more than two thousand I think I have uploaded. I have shared my diagnostic data just now. Can you take a look at it, please? Or can you tell me how to open a ticket? Thanks.
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My 32gb sdhc card is now not recognized


For SD cards, we currently only support the following formats: FAT32, NTFS, and HFS+. Your Monument will not recognize exFAT, but we are considering implementing exFAT in the near future. Also, please note that while we support SDHC, SDXC (SD cards over 32GB) cards are typically formatted with exFAT, and therefore are not directly supported at this time. It has been reported that these higher capacity cards do work if they are formatted with NTFS or HFS+.

Still stuck analyzing. Did a reset and started over twice. No change. Please help. I'd really love to use this someday.

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@Chad: It really should not be. Please select Settings/Share Diagnostic Information. This creates a singular diagnostic data submission which will create a new ticket with your device data. We will revert back as soon as we identify the cause of your issue.

Thank you for the firmware update. At Issue still: No pictures captured in time machine. No pictures captured in world map. I currently have 825 pictures downloaded from iPhone on Monument.

What did this Firmware update change/update?

It would be nice to see what what updated/changed on each firmware release.

Ryan, this was a bugfix release and the issues are listed above.


Hi, with this firmware and the previous one, only 2 out of the 2700 photos uploaded appear on the time machine, none on wold map and face recognition only work in manual mode. Also one of my SD cards was only partially imported. Reinserted and still looked like it stopped at the same picture.
(82.3 KB)

I also have this exact same issue. Showing about 136 photos out of about 1500. Blinking white. Stuck analysing.

Installed it fresh from the box yesterday and with all the latest firmware updates successfully applied.

Sending diagnostics now.

same similar initial setup photos only seen problem. newer photos not seen at all. diagnostic just sent.

does the update happen automatically on the Monument? Or is it something I need to make happen myself? How to I check and see the firmware version? Possible via the android app? thank you, happy new year!

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