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Photo Display

When browsing pictures stored on the monument, I would like to see the date taken / file date shown at the bottom of the screen.   I have uploaded lots of old family photos and it is hard to guess when they were taken, especially when the metadata is likely in the JPG file.   

Would also like to see the original file name as well.   There is probably some other data that would be good to show like resolution, image size, camera, etc.   I will leave that for the development team to work out.

Lastly, collecting a description from the user about the picture would be nice to have.  Ideally, this should be pushed back into the metadata of the .JPG file to support getting this information out of the device later and/or not losing it if the system were reset.

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Ya, photo information is definitely critical. When I was testing software at work and had to use Apple, any time I had to work with images it would drive me nuts because you can't see information about the image. You have to send it in a message to even see the size of it, it was stupid. I'd really like to see some of that information visible. Like a photo details option. 

Having the date visible while scrolling through would be nice. Or being able to at least jump to dates. Navigating 1200 photos is challenging as it is. What happens when I have 26000? I'm going to have to scroll forever to get to the bottom. I know search was one of the features, but until then, a slider bar even or something. 

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