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Continued issues adding android device to monument

I read the previous closed thread on Android devices not getting set up with Monument. I'm running Android version 6.0.1 on a Samsung Galaxy edge 7 (model SM-G935F) first I get the notice that I need to authorise the phone using one of my two previous registered devices (both iPads) but I can find nowhere on the devices to make the authorisation (that's issue #1). After Continuing the Android device searches for the Monument endlessly. I followed the directions in the previous thread and turned off Bluetooth on the phone then rebooted the phone and let Monument app turn on the Bluetooth. Still my phone will not connect to Monument.

Access code will be available from the App that was first setup only to add additional devices, but we have not yet turned this feature on. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here

Hello support team. I'm having the same issue on my oneplus3T, and was promised an update to fix the bluetooth setup (which is not working due to no detection of monument by the phone).

When is that update coming? Thanks

@Zaid: We have one big update coming Monday, if that does not resolve it for you, then suggest setting up a session with engineering. At that time, please open a ticket, and request that. Thanks.

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