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Where are the features promised for 9th January?

Hi Guys,

I'm really keen to import my iPhoto library to Monument but can't until you make it possible to import from USB.

According to the release timetable this should have been delivered on 9th Jan.

Any update on this? 

If it is still some time away can I kindly suggest you update the release timetable with realistic dates?



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Will be available on Monday, with multiple other improvements.

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Is there an updated timetable then? Or is everything that's supposed to be ready for Jan 15th actually going to be delivered on Monday? While I can see the need for a feature request section (which you have and works, but is hard to search and vote), having a list we can vote on, and neatly organized, would be really helpful and would hopefully prioritize features truly based on the needs of the users.IMO

Drew, the timetable will be updated. 

Please use the Feature Request forum for now, then we will go over them, clean it up and consolidate the top ideas. 

Question: how do I notice that there is a new firmware update? Will the app on my mobile phone let me know? Do I need to manually check for updates?


How can I identify that there is a firmware update for my Monument?


What is happening. Still no update. Sorry bur i think you are not doing a good job. Seriusly when eill this product be a good product. Right now irs just a expensive box in plastic. Do not like it at all.
Getting late on Monday and no sign of firmware or updated apps... Communication on missed dates would be appreciated and shouldn't have to be requested like above.. this product has potential but you guys need some serious PR help..

Hi there, I'm just curious what the news is on the new update? Where can I find it? Will it be distributed via the app store? Can I download it somewhere?



Hi there I wonder what the status is on the announced update? Will it be available in the app store? Or within the app? 



Monday came... and went.. then Tuesday came... and went... still no update? Please inform your first supporters / promoters. With the lack of communication, enthousiasm is swiftly gone.

the thing is totally useless you can´t import an iPhoto library for 2 reasons. 1. the thing is completely unstable and won´t stay on a WiFi network for more than a few milliseconds. 2. even if it stayed connected you can only upload pictured from a phone, not from another computer, you can´t even access monument from a computer, it is a pile of junk. Totally miss-old in the video and a total waste of money.

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when are updates coming its tuesday already

which monday?

which monday