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Why is this a hardware solution?

One thing I don't understand, and I should have thought of this long ago. Why on earth is this a hardware solution at all? Any reasonable PC/Mac/Linux box should provide any or all of the capabilities of your little board. 

There seems to be nothing here that software can't address - OpenCV or libraries in Apache commons that can pull photo EXIF data. I even wrote a few Java programs to test how easy it is to do facial recognition or geo-tagging.

No, I'm not here just to be a spoiler, I backed your project, but I sincerely believe you released it way too soon; that aside, this is an honest question. For someone who hasn't bought one yet what will your board provide that a software picture sorter can not?

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Hi Pete... well, I guess the simple answer is ... free markets? :)

I believe in the concept and backed it. Unfortunately like many, I am waiting for the software to catch-up with the hardware. The concept of a standalone, securable server for photos is a great idea. Of course there are a slew of hardware and software options out there. What sold me on this is the ability to basically have a private cloud under my control.

And as I have just finished going thru pictures for my kids' school project by manually browsing files on a NAS drive, I can't wait for the software advances!!!



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