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QNAP NAS as photo source


Is there a point on your roadmap where the source or photo storage can be a NAS like QNAP? I copy images and videos from various devices into my QNAP daily so attaching USB drives to a Monument is not the best design when you have multiple network storage devices. My use case as a backer is to leverage the logic of Monument photo organization algorithm when all photos are already stored on NAS. Is the team looking at their API perhaps?


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This was supposed to happen in the initial FW, then it was moved to February, and now I don't know. 

I have all my photos on my QNAP Nas as well and would like to make the Monument to get the pictures directly from my NAS. 

@Monument: Any ETA on this??

@Monument, I'm also interested in the reply.  I have a similar setup, with a QNAP NAS as the main repository for my photos.

Hi Toni,

Just a clarification, we do not support NAS as main storage, and in a few places we have answered this. But, what we have in our time plan as a feature, is the NAS backup, and you're right it's experiencing some delays. We will update the time plan. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Ideally I would like to upload photos from my QNAP *INTO* Monument. This means I just need Monument to see the QNAP on the network, perhaps similar to how it might see other networked hard drives. I was hoping to retire my QNAP as a photo storage once Monument becomes stable.

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Monument indeed never mentioned to use a NAS as sourse, but as backup. However i also prefer Monument to make is possible to use the NAS as sourse. It should not be that difficult i assume?
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