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Any news on the update?

Hi, I was wondering when the update will become available and where I can download it? 



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Emiel, we have had a few issues and had to delay the release to January 20th. 

We will update the time plan accordingly. 

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Ok thanks for the update! Good luck with the issues and keep up the good work! 

What is this update intended to fix?  Add??  (pretty please on the add part!)

Looking forward to it!

When there's a new release - what is the best way to find out about it? The App Store? Here? If here, then where?



Today is January 20th;-)

We know, and we did a lot more bug fixing than anticipated, but the good news is that we are finally there today. Updates to Apps and firmware coming in a matter of next few hours. This one is a big one.

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