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Web access to Monument admin panel

Not sure if an "admin panel" exists, but I'd like to be able to manage my Monument from a regular computer via a web interface. Firmware and Logs. Perhaps albums, and photos too.

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I am able to telnet to the Monument. It prompts for a username and password. This suggests to me you do have telnet access to it, simply haven't given out the username and password. I understand security and privacy, but having it listening to telnet on port 22 doesn't seem secure. Also: this is my Monument. I'd like control over it.

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I saw that, but what they're posting about is access to the contents of the attached hard drive via the network. I'm talking about Admin access to the Monument - it's settings, firmware, various controls etc. Not necessarily the actual pictures at all.

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@Drew: We do not allow admin access over telnet for example to the device for security reasons, because one of the more important features of Monument is its privacy. But, there isn't much to access there either, apart from diagnosing the unit for any issues. However, we are considering HTTP access via a web page, as this is a frequently requested feature. 

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