Updates (1/20/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing updates on all platforms, and you will need to update both your Monument firmware and the app to use the new features. You can find the additions and improvements below:



• Support for using content from USB drive.

• Support for backup drives.

• Better UX of face recognition (multiple select and merge, name change, remove from set etc.)

• Fixed connection setup for already set up units.

• Added port number identifier for USB drives.

iOS (1.4.0)


• Better handling of photos from iCloud. Resolves issues causing stalled uploads.

• Added a feature to automatically make up space on the phone.

• Improved feedback on actions such as photo delete, album/face actions.

• Fixed camera browsing layout issue.

• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Android (1.0.800)


• App runs even when a connection is not available.

• Displays feedback on Monument connection status.

• Faster thumbnail loading.

• Auto-upload related bug fixes and improvements.

• Memory leak fixes.

• Typo fixes.

Device Firmware (1.2.0)


• Better USB drive initialization resolves the temporarily connection loss between Monument and the app.

• Handles different PNG formats.

• Handles non-standard EXIF time/date formats.

• Fixes an issue prevented merging faces in some conditions.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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@Adi: HDMI screen will be on the next release. We are working on it.

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Hi Support, on Android we don't have the edit button as you have on your screen. So we cannot access the menu. I am on Android 7.1.1.

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Apologies to both B Mann and J.G., looks like we were looking at a version that we omitted to release on past Tuesday. We released it just now, so you can do what we were saying before that you should be able to do. On coming Monday or Tuesday, we will add a host of features as well, in addition to how the trash can functions, as it is currently a bit confusing. Our bad, and apologies for our confusion. Newly released version is .822 and it is currently available on the Play store. 

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@B Mann: We are testing a new version almost every day, fixing problems as we go, and also testing matching firmware versions, and generally releasing a milestone release once a week. Once we release the milestone, however, we move on to the next week's release. The versions we are testing now are next week's release, which is going to have photo display on HDMI monitor, world map, and remote access. Tuesday is the target. After that, we will have one more big release the following week, which will cover 'almost' all features at that time, and after that, we will start refining.

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I updated the device and the Android App, but can not find a possibility to remove pictures from a face. How do I edit faces? How can I remove pics that are wrong? How can I add pictures (only with using the same name and "merge")?

Maybe it is possible to use the buttons - trash, star, ... But in my eyes the trash means deleting the picture at all.

Can you please update your roadmap: http://support.getmonument.com/support/discussions/topics/19000014604

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@hung: Yes you can. Eject your drive from the App, using Settings/USB drives and selecting drive. Connect drive to your Mac / PC. Copy a folder of photos. Reconnect drive back to Monument. Select drive under Settings/USB drives, touch drive, select "Add existing folder". Cheers.

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@J. G.:

> Is there a way to sort/filter photos? 

Will get better for sort. Probably in a couple of releases as we are working hard towards feature set completion first.

> I have made a video of the slowness in the app.

We see it, and we also experience it here on Android. We are looking into this.

Hi Support, The light is not flashing anymore. I have sent you my diagnostics and email with screenshots from an alternate mail address. It seems the issue is with new photos with faces that already have been named in an earlier stage. Maybe no new photos can be added to already existing faces?

@J,G. Shouldn't be the case. Can you send us your other email for diagnostic data submission to support@getmonument.com. Thanks.

@J.G. - We seem to be having some similar problems. 

To fix the multiple name merging issues, you need to go into the person (the second version or whatever), click the edit (upper right), then when the lower menu pops up select the red 'remove name'.  That will ask you to confirm if you want to 'delete this face' to which you must reply YES.  After that go back out to the faces page, add new face, and look for that batch of photos again, and rename it EXACTLY like the other (correct) version and it will ask you if you want to merge it.  Not perfect by any means and something they will need to correct, but it gets the job done for now.

In the future it would be nice if Monument just ignored leading spaces and trailing spaces from all names (likely an easy programming step).

@B Mann: Thank you for the description. We will be fixing the user interface regarding this very issue this week. Best procedure (currently) is:

  1. Go into a named face
  2. Edit > Select
  3. Select a person's (that should not have been in that 'face') multiple pictures
  4. Hit the trash can at the bottom.
  5. That group of pictures will go back to the unrecognized faces as a whole

What we will fix, is that that will no longer be a trash can, as you are not "deleting" those pictures, you are removing faces from this person.

If you go into a named face, and open a picture belonging to a different person, and and hit the trash can at the lower left (without the select option as described above), the behavior is different, that picture is actually removed from the database. So, refrain from doing so until next update.

And finally, at least in the Android version, if you have a face named X, and if you have another face named Y, we just discovered that renaming the face renaming Y as X does not trigger a merge, while it should. We will also fix this this week, but the current way around is to choose the Edit > Remove Face while inside that Y face. That removes the name Y from that group of faces, and pushes the group of pix back to the unnamed faces. Then if you can find it in there, you can name it X, and then it will merge. Or, just wait till we release the update in the coming days.

Unable to share diagnostic information. Please help =.=

Alec, that may be related to not being connected. If you were away from your Monument, try when you are close. Otherwise, please refer to these instructions to troubleshoot.

To clarify, I am trying to consolidate some of the 'faces' which have already been named (but I think have a space after their name).  How do I MERGE those?

@B Mann:

Browse > Faces > Select a face with mispelled name, like with an additional space > Edit > Change Name > edit name to without space. > say yes when it asks you to merge.

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