Updates (1/20/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing updates on all platforms, and you will need to update both your Monument firmware and the app to use the new features. You can find the additions and improvements below:



• Support for using content from USB drive.

• Support for backup drives.

• Better UX of face recognition (multiple select and merge, name change, remove from set etc.)

• Fixed connection setup for already set up units.

• Added port number identifier for USB drives.

iOS (1.4.0)


• Better handling of photos from iCloud. Resolves issues causing stalled uploads.

• Added a feature to automatically make up space on the phone.

• Improved feedback on actions such as photo delete, album/face actions.

• Fixed camera browsing layout issue.

• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Android (1.0.800)


• App runs even when a connection is not available.

• Displays feedback on Monument connection status.

• Faster thumbnail loading.

• Auto-upload related bug fixes and improvements.

• Memory leak fixes.

• Typo fixes.

Device Firmware (1.2.0)


• Better USB drive initialization resolves the temporarily connection loss between Monument and the app.

• Handles different PNG formats.

• Handles non-standard EXIF time/date formats.

• Fixes an issue prevented merging faces in some conditions.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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Is it now possible to view the images over the HDMI connection?

where is the update file ???

Wonderful that you have software and firmware updates. Now, if only you could deliver the hardware it may be useful. You do not respond to anything on Kickstarter. Starting to become very frustrated as I await delivery. When do you expect them to get shipped to Canada?
Cam you provide a specific date for exfat. All I see is "we are considering implementing it". Is it happening or not?

It is happening, but since it is not part of the original feature set, it is not on the feature list. We will release it when it is ready to go, which we expect to be in the next weeks.

@Adi: HDMI screen will be on the next release. We are working on it.

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 Does "Support for using content from USB drive" mean that you can import photos via USB?

Does "Support for using content from USB drive" mean I can import photos from a USB drive?

"• Better UX of face recognition (multiple select and merge, name change, remove from set etc.)"

Not seeing any of these options (Android user)

After I updated, it never finish to processing the photos, and still dont have Time machine and World map working!? Could you help me?
(4.06 MB)
Here is my feedback after testing Firmware 1.2.0 and iOS 1.4.0. Face Recongnition: Merge works at the name level but does not actually merge the pictures. For example, two face "folders" one with 5 pictures the other with 7, merged at the name level yet when the merged "folder" is opened there is now only 3 pictures. In fact none of the folders actually contain the number of pictures identified at the folder level. Time Machine: Now is completely empty, before it use to have 1 picture out of 150 that were uploaded. Seems the EXIF data is not being accessed or used. I know it is there for the photos uploaded as they show up fine with correct date and location information on my iOS devices, Qnap NAS and Windows devices Cameras: Worked great before this update. Now I have a camera folder that says it has 65 pictures (this is correct) but when opened only displays 14 pictures. World Map: Remains completely empty.
Thanks for finally getting my unit running and not just stuck in 'analyzing' and showing the initial photos. It might be rough and still bare for some. But kudos for your work. I know software can be hard to implement.
Hey guys, Appreciate the effort. Lots of features are going on the right direction. But the face recognition seems to have gotten worse with the last update. Especially with pictures that don't contain any people, they seem to get sorted almost random. On the other hand, some faces are not even recognised at all. Anybody else has the same problem? Kind regards, Stefan
Good job with the update. Some features are really going the right way. Nevertheless, some still have a lot of work ahead of them. The face recognition even seems to have gotten worse. While some photos containing no people at all get randomly sorted into existing faces, other pictures are not even recognised as faces. Anybody else got this problem as well? Regards, Stefan
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