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More the one device

I still can't get more then one device loaded. I understand bugs came up but for all the early supporters we deserve more transparency. We have been very patient but we get very few updates. Right now this device does even less then my i cloud. For what we paid we could have had a paired cloud service that works. I can do more with a raspberry pic then this box does. Right now we have a paper weight. Please give us a realistic timetable of features so we stop wasting time with this alpha version code. It's sad I really hoped this product did what you promised. I have a second unit which I planned on gifting but would be embarrassed if I did.

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We just made a giant leap forward on the feature set last night, and added folder import, and improved greatly face recognition UX, and fixed a ton of bugs. No, we are not done, and some of the things you are talking are indeed missing, but they will arrive. We are committed. Thank you for your patience.