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Plants and inanimate objects being recognized as faces

I am in the process of uploading many photos to Monument. In the faces part of the program, aside from the problem of not recognizing even two copies of the same face as the same face, Monument identifies plants, rocks, microscopic patterns, buildings and so on as faces. Surprisingly, there are no choices to help Monument sort out faces. And easy solution would be to have buttons that include options such as:

1. Ignore face

2. Not a face

3. Duplicate face

I would imagine that Monument has some kind of algorithm that recognizes faces and that it should be able to learn somehow. Currently, it is so bad as to really not be useful. Literally, I have many faces that appear many times and no way to eliminate inanimate objects as faces.

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We are working on an improved version of facial recognition. In the meantime, solutions for all three questions have been implemented:

1) Browse > Add new face > Edit > Delete

2) Browse > Add new face > Edit > Delete

3) Browse > Add new face > Edit > pick one face, pick the next face, ++ > Merge