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Problems after update 1/20/2017

After the update 1/20/2017 it never finish to processing the photos, it terminate at the last one, before it worked. Still don't have Time machine and World map working. Could you help me?

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@Péter: Send us a diagnostic. Time Machine not functional yet on Android. World Map coming soon on both iOS and Android.

I use iOS. Diagnostic information sent. Still don't finish to processing photos, it terminate at the last one with my iPhone. I tried it with my iPad also, same problem...

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I tried the app on my iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad mini 2. Both devices show that they are still processing photos which does not end. They are pending at the last one, but  both has totally different photos in their photo libary.

We will check out the diagnostic and report back.

Every time when I start the app it want to processing all of my photos on my device and can't finish it. It stopped at 2482/2483, always on is missing. Could you check the problem?

@Péter: This appears to be a known iOS issue. We are fixing, and will release this week along with new features. Apologies for the inconvenience.