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Got a new phone and unable to setup without access code


  I got a new phone and I am not able to setup monument on this phone.

It asks for access code which can be got from the previous phone under settings. The original phone has no access code under settings and I dont want to reset to factory default and loose all the stored images.

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You can use the Recovery Code if you click on "I don't have access code" on your new device.

Access code will be available from the App that was first setup only to add additional devices, but we have not yet turned this feature on. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here. It will be the week following next, actually.


Recovery code should only be needed if you have erased and reinstalled the App, which is not recommended. (Quit and relaunch the App instead.) However, should you need your recovery code and you don't have the one which was emailed to you, you can get your recovery code here. Please note that you can only get your recovery code if you had been able to update your firmware. If you are unable to get your recovery code, you will need to first update the firmware through this SD firmware update procedure. Once you complete this, you will also be able to reset your unit if you need to by following these instructions. Following reset, if it is asking for Access code, then the reset has not taken place.