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Recovery code

I have factory reset my Monument and done the SD firmware update. I am still being asked to enter a recovery code! Please help!

Probably your reset did not take, as you sound like you reset first, then did SD update next. Need to reset again. BTW, there is now a simpler procedure for USB Firmware update here

I did factory reset again and powered off. I removed both USB drives inserted USB key with the file like the instructions say to do. Plugged in power again and the unit just goes to blinking blue light with instructions on TV to use the monument app. Doesn't seem like the USB update is taking. Can you provide SD update file to absolute latest firmware please? The instructions for the SD update right now seem to point to an older firmware.
Additionally after the reset, I'm still being prompted for the recovery code. So please provide an SD update to the latest firmware version ASAP so I can update and use my device again

@Thomas: The SD card links are indeed the latest.