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Ability to HIDE certain folders/photos

Just recently had some photos done as a surprise for my wife, and well that got blown when she found them looking at the app.  Would sure like the ability to have some folders (maybe albums if that is easiest?) that can be 'hidden'.  Hidden from other users would be ideal, but if password is easier that would work too.  Just some means to protect myself from blowing my surprise bday gift photos :(  I can (and do) use that on Amazon Prime Photos now, but would love to bring that all back in-house.  Thanks for considering!

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Indeed, I often take pictures for gift ideas, and I wouldn't want them shared.  Of course, the problem with albums is that they are an "overlay" organization, and a photo may be in none, one, or multiple folders.

Of course, I want to be able to see these hidden pictures from multiple clients...and may want them available to just a few others whom I want to be able to see them (e.g. gifts ideas for the kids that parents share), so this really need to be based not on the source device, the folder, the user, but on a special flag.

My suggestion would be to allow tagging of all photos with text-based tags.  Tags could then be classified as generic (no privacy control) or privacy-control tags which would each have a password. (Most of us would probably just have "dads-private", "moms-private", "daughters-private" tags, but this could be enhanced with "kids-christmas-gifts", etc.)

(Actually, I like the concept of tags far better than folders.  They are very similar and an app should probably use only one approach as having both gets very confusing, but the tag approach seems more flexible.)

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