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Merge cameras

I have a number of virtual camera apps that have had multiple versions (updates) over the years - the most prolific in this regard is Hipstamatic: each version is identified as a different camera. 

I would like to see the ability to merge all of the updates of a virtual camera into a single camera - it's not important to me to track versions.

@Clay: can you post screenshots of the duplicated cameras. Thanks.

The cameras are not strictly duplicates - they are version names from the same app. Each new update gets a new version name and so shows up as a new camera. I posted this as a support ticket, I think #3009.

See the right-hand side of the attached.

The left-hand side shows the issues I am having when facial recognition throws up a false positive. I want to see the other images in this set to figure out what's there ... and can't.

@Clay: Thanks for the screenshots. Looks like we will need to implement a manual "merge cameras" button. But that would also require a "rename camera" function. Not terribly difficult, but not trivial either. We will consider this.

Regarding the false positives, we are currently testing an improved facial recognition algorithm. There will always be some, but we should be able to do better.

True - but you have the base code for renaming faces. With good OO code it should not be hard to implement a new class for a different data object.

Alternatively, you could just decide that any camera with "Hipstamatic" in the name would be merged into a single camera on import. That should not be too hard to implement.

The improved facial recognition is great. But if there are false positives in group where the thumbnail is not a face I still request the ability to look at the images in the group to see what might be there. This may or may not be needed depending on the improvements in the algorithm.

On a related note, I am assuming this requires a firmware update, so ... will I need to re-upload the images or will any images that have already been uploaded be automatically reprocessed? I want to know how much effort I need to put into organizing things before the next update.

will I need to re-upload the images or will any images that have already been uploaded be automatically reprocessed?

No, as it is needed for structural changes, we will implement auto-scanning again. But, in general, firmware updates have not required any re-uploading. We are also in the process of adding a button for rebuilding the photos database.

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