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Recovery code problem (probably solution)

Hi, probably i found why someone don't receive recovery code via email: I have two units, with the first one I used an email that already have an account (with password) on Monument site...and correctly received the recovery; for the second one used a secondary email, confirmed during setup but without password or account created; this Monument haven't received any recovery and after some minutes the system send to me an "automatic account creation" so...I think you Need to have an active, confirmed and functional account prior of setup to correctly receive recovery via mail...

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If you haven't received a recovery code after your setup, you can get your recovery code here.

Same email address, same Name, 2 devices. After reset all devices and reconnected device 1 (works fine) the second device couldn´t get Access by recovery code, because old reovery code are wrong and new recovery code never received. Where can I get a new recovery code ? Why you are not add These recovery code inside Login area by personal Profile, so the user can get online the recovery code, in case not received by email ?

How can I get now a recovery code for the second device and / or for recovery function as well?

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