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Feature/Question? Managing Photo files from each phone

I am about to purchase a Monument. I have a question. As each phone in my home is synch'd to Monument (we have 4 iphones), can I specify that the actual physical photo files get uploaded to different directories based on which phone the photo comes from? Or at a minimum TAG each photo based on the phone. For me, this is crucial. I know there is a photo viewer that lets me organize everything. But ultimately my daughter needs to quickly get to her photos and not be bothered with mine. And someday (after 5 years of using this), if I ever switch away, I don't want to end up with one directory that contains every photo from every device and is un-manageable.

On the iPhone, we upload all of the pictures in regular pictures folders, but not from elsewhere. Each user has a different space, or will be when we enable multi-users the week after next. Multiple devices will also be enabled at the same time. Now, if you have a iPhone 5, 6 and a 7, all pictures from them are separated by 'camera', which is the iPhone model, under the same user. If you have have two iPhone 5s, for example, under the same user, they will not be separated, instead, lumped under the same iPhone 5. Different users have different spaces. They will be separated under the monument folder.

Fantastic. Thank you. This is just what I need. I have spent many weekends trying to find an affordable system that works well. You are my last hope! :-) Cant wait to try it out.

That will be awesome.
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