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App crashing after large folder import


I've loaded a lagre folder with roughly 100 000 images into the external hd, and pointed to it using the iOS app. (iPhone 6) The monument started importing the images, but the app has become really sluggish and crashes every time I try to browse or find any images. I see some progress (more memories and cameras) when I open the app and the LED is blinking white. It has been busy doing so for about three days now.

I've already submitted diag. info from within the app.

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We are addressing the crash issue. But ofr processing of that many pictures, assume it will take multiple days. Our experience is about 5,000 pictures processed daily, but of course that depends on the pictures. We are working on an alternate way that will speed up thumbnail generation by ~4 times. But we don't know yet how many pix per day improvement that is.

Also remember that this is a very power efficient device designed to operate 24x7 in the background. Your phone does not need to be connected with the App open at all. Also, to address the crashing issue, you may want to connect your Monument also with an ethernet cable to your router, if possible. The source of crashes are typically related to lost connection on the iPhone.