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Dear support,

I just wanted to give you my support. Although there are many issues, your team is ploughing through them and will eventually resolve them all. I just hope for your communication to improve: give us updates about upcoming releases and notify us on beforehand when a deadline won't be met...

To all my frustrated fellow backers: we have been promised the world on nice features on Kickstarter, and I do agree with all of you that many of those promises haven't been delivered. I know this sucks. But in my experience, this is the case with many of the Kickstarter projects. Especially in the first months after receiving a product, many issues will occur. If you cannot cope with this, I suggest you either store your monument for a couple of months, or you stop backing projects such as this. We are early adopters, and being one is tough. But with our feedback and support, and a large amount of hard labour by the Monument team, we will get this thing where we want it to be: in the center of our digital photo/video life.


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@J.G.: We hear you. We intended, for example, to have a full release on Monday, and then discovered a host of issues that were not part of the release, and decided to implement them anyway, that took us to Tuesday. Then late yesterday, we nailed down another bug that was causing communication issues on iOS. So we are trying to balance every day the feature roadmap, and the bug fixes that we need to deliver to our backers. It will go out today instead. We may appear quiet some days, but believe us, we are burning midnight oil everyday as we inch towards competing the feature set and squashing all of the bugs. Thanks for the kind words also, and your patience.

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