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Recently connected my monument.  It downloaded 710 pictures and shows they came from 2 camera's (one if which I have not used in several years), 2 iPads (only one has the Monument App on it) and 3 iPhones (one which I have never owned and 2 that have not been used or turned on in a year.   How is this possible?  it is true that the one iPad with the app, and the one I used to set up, has a lot of pictures that I have transferred from these other devices over the past few years. But How does the monument know where they initially came from??

@ W White: You take those pictures on a variety of different iOS devices, and iOS gets them all to iCloud. Then your latest iOS device in use connects to iCloud and downloads all of them. Then you connect that device to Monument, and they get uploaded to Monument. Monument separates them by camera, which is, in this case, by device as long as the devices are not an exact match for each other. Et voila.



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