Updates (2/1/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We are releasing updates on all platforms, and you will need to update both your Monument firmware and the app to use the new features. You can find the additions and improvements below:

iOS (1.5.0)


• Added support for viewing content on TV (via HDMI)

• Added Remote Access capability.

• Added landscape support in fullscreen photo viewer.

• Fixed bugs in faces list and face identification.

• Fixed a bug causing very annoying crashes.

• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Android (1.0.870)


• Added support for viewing content on TV (via HDMI)

• Fixed connectivity issues.

• Improved fullscreen photo view.

• Performance improvements.

Device Firmware (1.2.1)


• Added HDMI / TV-Out support.

• Added remote access support.

• Minor bugfixes.

With these updates we have released remote access earlier than our target (yay!). Remote access on Android is coming up in the next days, and World Map feature is going through a few more tests, and we're pushing to release before the week ends.

Details regarding remote access functionality will be posted in our guides.

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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We do have lots of people using the product successfully, but that does not take away from the fact that we do have issues and missing features that we need to address ASAP, and we are trying to just that as fast as we can. As also users of our own product, our problem is not about awareness, as we are painfully aware, but as a startup shuffling priorities everyday to get all issues resolved and missing features implemented in the shortest amount time. Rest assured, we'll get there rather soon as it is also to our best interest to do so.

Thanks for the reply. However, if you have people successfully using Monument, then you would think you would have figured out the problems for the rest of us. I am still hopeful that the thing you advertised is the thing I will have some day.


@James: We are still short of our intended feature set, and we are working very hard to complete tit. And we can certainly do better in communicating. However, we also have plenty of users successfully using the product at this time, with the features already implemented. We also see their kind comments every day. We are not that far from delivering all of the features we promised, and we haven't even had our 1st year anniversary of the day we debuted on Kickstarter on February 17th, 2016. We understand there are things we could have done differently, as hindsight is 20/20, but we do appreciate your patience, and your continued support.

So, the last update or comment was about 5 days ago. I was expecting some solutions quicker than this. As I have said elsewhere, my Monument is basically a brick. It does nothing correctly, crashes regularly, freezes often. When is this thing going to actually work? You guys should let us know with more frequent, more informative, updates. I am thinking of going back to Indiegogo where I decided to support this project and tell them that nothing works as advertised.


Thank you. 

@Patrick: some of your questions are answered here. For the rest of them:

  • The connection is P2P, and does not flow through any of our servers. Our servers only provide P2P handshake location assist.
  • No photo data is stored anywhere but your own mobile devices and your own Monument.
  • We don't have access to your photos.

Hope this is sufficient detail.

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> "The remote access implementation has encryption"

Regarding the remote access my question was more related to the kind of architecture that is enabling the access. As far as I can see in the new Android app, there will be just a button to enable the remote access. But what happens then? How do you get through the firewall of my router? How do you know to which IP who have to connect to when I'm outside of my home network? Or do you use a server on your side at the end that takes care about the traffic between my stored data and the application? Whould this mean that Monument is not really my private cloud but just the same vendor dependend cloud storage like GDrive, Dropbox and Co.? In this case the product would completely miss the promised goal. Please clarify this "remote access" feature to me a bit more in detail. Thank you in advance. KR, Patrick

Deliver a product with without many of the promised features and then be rude to your backers that ask legitimate questions. So if it's just the photos on the app I have always had remote access and this is not a new feature. Maybe you could send out instructions for non computer nerds like myself. Wouldn't it be nice if we delivered the pledge amount of money in instalments like you are delivering the features.

So if I delete all the photos from the monument app I will be able to access the hard drive from anywhere in the world?

Nope. Why should it be able to access the deleted / removed pictures if you deleted them. Monument only accesses the photos through the App, and not as a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

For the SMS question, we have informed Engineering.

We might. Next week we have multiple features coming that will bring us to perhaps 90% feature complete. No worries about the Android side, we have multiple Android users here. Regarding the HDMI zoom, we aware and it will come. The remote access implementation has encryption.

Although I'm not expecting that you hit the deadline regarding remote access via Android phones by tomorrow 6th Februray, it would be nice if you could at least try to publish the features of the missed deadline from end of January (Time Machine). Please don't forget the android world, even if you have to fix some iOS issues.

One remark regarding the HDMI view on a screen. Would be cool to have zoom support as well. It it comes with ChromeCast, I'm fine with it as well.

One question regarding remote control (I don't know how it will look like because it's not yet available on Android). How is the access technically implemented? Which kind of security is used?

KR, Patrick

I should clarify it won't let me send an SMS from time machine feature
So if I delete all the photos from the monument app I will be able to access the hard drive from anywhere in the world? When I try and send a photo from the app through an SMS it just crashes. Please fix this and all the other issues.

@Chip: remote access allows you to access your entire picture library from anywhere. You don't need to be home. It truly becomes your cloud served out of your home.

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What does remote accesss allow me to do exactly?
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