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"Processing Photoshop on tour device" infinite loop, disconnection and faces problem

After last update my iPhone (7 plus, 10.2.1) show an infinite counter that go from 0 to 12309 (my Total photos), the device disconnect really often and now the faces section have some problems: - High fragmentation - if you click add faces, the new view Will show and show faces, in you click on One The new view shows a question Mark Image instead of the clicked One and if you go back every "new faces" is now a question Mark...
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We have informed Engineering. 

Ok, thank you but is there any thing I can do to solve something? If I uninstall and reinstall the app something can be better? Or the Monument loses the connection between the uploaded photos and my iPhone? P.S. The Monument is connected via an ethernet cable...

>If I uninstall and reinstall the app something can be better? 

Does not lead to good places. Best NOT to uninstall. 

If the Monument is connected with an ethernet cable, all of the communication problems, which we think this is should go away, and it does not seem to. If you want to go through the usual drill, you can find it here, but this seems to be something more.

I still have this same problem. Monument crashes, goes back to the face view, ever time I open it. If I force it to close, it goes back to that when it opens. When it crashes, it really only moves to the background, and when I pull it to the foreground, it goes back to Processing photos, then crashes. When I pull it to the foreground again, it has the face view.


@James: We have identified issues in iOS, and we have at least partly addressed them. The released App is in the Apple approval queue. Will be out as soon as they approve. Later in the week there will be another release.