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So I have to admit that despite all the problems the Monument currently has, I have been able to scan through some of my 30,000 photos, many of which are not actually categorized yet in the App, but I have found and posted to facebook a number of pics I forgot I had.

In addition to Monument needing bug fixes so that it can scan all my photos, I believe it definitely needs the following to be useful.

1. Needs to display current filename and location. I found lots of pics but I had no way of telling how old they were or more important, where the original one was. The resized photo's that Monument creates are OK only if you dont care about when they were taken, they had already been edited and don't need to be further edited and cropped. There is no way to know what the original file name and location is.

2. needs exif meta data

3. needs some way to navigate besides starting at the top and flipping down every time. Date groups would be good as well as a way to sort.

I think these are big issues for folks with thousands of pictures.

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Good suggestions. We are testing here with over 20,000 photos, and have one person that has over 200,000. We will implement EXIF data (partial) display as "Info" about photo. File name and location has been suggested, we are thinking about putting that together with the "Info" as well. The #3 question will be addressed when we fully implement the time machine and world map next week. That's how you will be able to browse. Of course, better tagging is coming too.

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