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Better editing options in faces

I would recommend some better tools to be made for recognizing faces. First and foremost, you should have a way to open a group of images that have been identified as having the same face. Once open, there should be a button to choose the image and say "Not a face" so that the particular image will no longer be included as a face.

Next, in the images with faces where now we can merge faces, the faces should be sorted by similarity (seems like an easy enough thing to do, make faces with similar color characteristics end up near each other) for possible merging.

At all parts of the face recognition, there should always be an option that is something like "Not a face" so that those pictures can easily and anywhere be removed from the face recognition process.

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Yes it would be really helpful, if the the grouped photos (recognized as one face) will be displayed in the bottom part of the view. The pictures should be listed in full size. It is some times not possible to name the person only seeing the thumbnail.

Additionally it would be good, if I can remove pictures from the full-size-list (if they are not the same person).

Extra feature:

Autocomplete function when adding a name of a person. This will speed up the face merging and prevent spelling mistakes.

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