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App crash after connecting to device

After connection to the getmonument device the app crashes permanently. I am using the latest app version as well as newest iOS

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Wish I'd had similarly good results ... mine still blows up every time I load it.

@Travis: Is it still doing that with the most recent release?

Happy days. Saw an update in the Apple Store, downloaded and launched it and ten minutes later it still hasn't blown up. Excited!
I went to check if I had the latest version by seeing if an update was available. As of yesterday there wasn't but there is now. I'll download, test & get back to you.

We have been waiting for App store to approve the App we submitted 4 days ago that addresses these issues. Apologies for the delay.

I downloaded the latest iOS app and it still crashes continuously.

I haven't received any reply to my emails...hope you've readed it, otherwise I have some good news for you: your last version (beta) seems had fixed the persistent crash issue (finally)! Some sporadic crash remains especially while use the faces feature but seems a lot better! Good job!

There seems to be still a persistent problem affecting a small group of users. We are trying to pin it down.