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Album Features


recently I started using the "albums". Everything works fine for creating and brwosing the album. But I have two features that would enhance the handling in my view:

"Add to Album X"

If you browse your pictures - it would be nice to have a option, like directly adding this picture to a album. Click the option, get the available albums, choose one.

"Preview Images before adding to a album"

The current way of adding pictures is: you choose the thumbnail (small image on small screen). For me it is not possible to decide between two thumbnails that are nearly identical. But I just want to have the better one in my album.

Feature would be: zoom into the picture, view the details, decide which one is the best photo, select it for adding to the album.

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The "Add to Album X" has been added but I find it annoying that I have to create an album before I can add photos to it. Sometimes as I'm browsing photos I realize I want to organize some into a new album. I'd like to be able to select photos and then have a "Create New Album" in the "Add here:" menu. 

+1 on the "create" option in the album selection (the "add here" fly-over).

Also, while the "add to album" feature has been added to the detail view in the photos tab, its still missing on any of the other detail views. Whether I open a picture from within the faces section, the favorites or even an album, I'd still like to be able to directly add it to a (different) album. Can't you simply use the same view for all of these? (just an idea).

The only way to do that now is to look for the same picture on the photos tab ... good luck with finding a particular image among 10k thumbnails (simply scrolling through the whole list once takes minutes)

One more related to that feature: in the "add here" fly-over selection view, which lets you select the target album I'd really like to see a checkmark (or indication of some sort) next to the albums it is already contained in. I really don't remember whether i have already added a particular image to a specific album already ... and while double-adding doesn't do any harm, the app also doesn't give me any feedback whether the image was added or it has already been in that one - so i'd rather see in advance.


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