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The 15th is here, are we rolling a new version?

As you guys don't post, I'll ask...

15th today, is last weeks missed version and today's rollout happening?  What is new ie when do you think you will roll out?

If you are going to miss a roll out can you post an update?



We are updating today. App store just approved the 'finally' iOS version 7 days behind schedule, the Android version is ready to roll. Both sporting map. We did not get to implement the multi-user feature last week, and not looking good for this week either, but we are hoping for a giant update next week. :-) Today's update should be out in the next hour or two, once we are satisfied with the last couple changes we need to make to the firmware.

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Thank you all.  It is the multi user / multi device one I am waiting for, I have loads backing up ready to load.  Please do make an announcement nearer time.  Really excited to see your work coming together.


The reason why the multi-user got delayed is because we also wanted to cleanup the initial setup as many users reported difficulty with that. Instead of implementing multi-user one way one week, and then changing it the next week, we decided to do it right the first time. But with that delay, it will arrive hopefully next week. We are very excited about it, as it would complete the most important parts of the feature set.

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Hey guys, support for storing videos was on the roadmap for Feb 15, what is the schedule on that now? my phone is full of videos so being able to send that over and automatically clean it off my phone would be huge :)

@Ben: It is looking like next week it will be multi-user / multi-device update along with exFAT (optional feature for $5 as we have to pay for its licensing ourselves), RAW, and a couple of other things. The video support is probably delayed 2 or so weeks.

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