Updates (2/15/2017)


Hi Everyone,

We are releasing updates on all platforms, and you will need to update both your Monument firmware and the app to use the new features. You can find the additions and improvements below:

iOS (1.5.1)


• Added support for World Map.

• Fixed crashing issues some of our users were experiencing.

• Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Android (1.0.956)


• Added support for World Map.

• Added support for remote access. (An interim release last week.)

• Minor bug fixes.

Device Firmware (1.2.2)


• Fix an issue related to EXIF parsing.

• Fix an issue which prevents HFS USB drive users from loading more than 30,000 photos.

• Minor bug fixes.

We're now gearing up for a major release planned for late next week, that simplifies setup, enables adding other users, and brings RAW file support. 

Thank you all for your support.

The Monument Team

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Having an issue with mine. Update gave me permanent yellow light. I have unplugged the USB drive and tried to do a restore using SD card and it went through the process however on reboot after removing the SD card still gives a yellow light.


@James, is this with version 2 of the update with version 1.3 of the firmware we released Thursday?

Still have white blinking light, photos said they have uploaded but not seeing them displayed on the app.  

After this update the app says it is connecting, says it is connected then says it can't connect and the app crashes. Any advice.
Additional info if helpful. The firmware update this week didn't fix the issue I am having. I did leave the device connected to my pc monitor through dvi cable for several days and had no connectivity issues. I unplugged the dvi this am and tonight I lost connectivity. Just plugged it back in, restarter monument and app and now I am connected and uploading pics I took today. Hope this helps.
Ok, just had to go through the routine again :-( at least this time the most recent pics are there.

As requested, i have already submitted my diagnostics data 8 days ago, id #3375, no response yet. Please advise.

So I am still having connectivity issues with my android tablet, and pics I take with the tablet don't seem to load into monument right away. As I said before I get the cannot connect to monument when I launch the app and I have to disconnect my usb drives , connect the pc monitor and un/re plug in the monument box then I connect. May stay connected for a day or two before it fails again. This all started after the last upgrade.
Its getting "late" next week..? I'm really looking forward to import from sd woth ex-fat.. no news yet for the update?

Thanks for letting us know... Cheers.

They did finally upload, just took forever for some reason.

Could it be an issue with gopro/android compatability?

Suggest simpler, more proven methodologies. We know you have tried SD card import, but just for posterity, two methods work best:

  1. Put them on an SD card, formatted with FAT32 (if less than 64G) or NTFS (if 64G or more), import through the SD card slot by inserting the SD card. LED light should indicate what's going on.
  2. Follow Import Photos Folder.

Android import "should" have worked, as we import all folders with photos on them, but it is hard to track down what failed with that process.

If 1 and 2 both fail, then we'd like to see the diagnosis submission on it, as there has to be something different about those pictures.

We are just a few days away from releasing multi-use, as we have run late. Apologies for that. We will update the roadmap as soon as we release this week's release to reflect the few features missing.

One more thing, from your update timeline it looks like we can now have multiple users on the device, but I still get a request to input access code when I try to add my phone, and there is no access code?
Thanks for the response, they were not raw. I downloaded them to my android tablet thinking they would upload to my cloud once I got home, but only the pics I took with my pad camera uploaded. Could it be an issue with gopro/android compatability? I put them in my Dropbox to share so once monument can link with Dropbox I should be good. Hoping to get rid of Dropbox soon!
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