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Can't seem to update monument to v1.2.2

Been trying the whole day. my app is 1.0. 956 My monument seems stuck, the blue light is blinking, In the app it says "Monument device software needs to be updated. Please wait for the download to complete. I have waited.... more than 12 hours... If I connect it to my monitor via HDMI it just tells me Update available (app_1.2.2) My monument is currently connected via ethernet cable. If I turn it on and off by removing the power cable it starts downloading the firmware update 103,1 mb again, after that it returns to the screen that says Update available (app_1.2.2

I'm in the same boat as the above poster (except I'm trying to update to 1.2.3) - the app tells me "Monument software needs to be updated", I wait for it to download, download completes and then... nothing. I'm currently on 1.2.2.

I wanted to try using the USB method to update to 1.2.3, however your page here: only has a link to 1.2.2.

I am in the same position as the above poster, however I am at 1.2.2 trying to update to 1.2.3 - the Monument downloads the 105MB file, then a 512 byte file, then nothing. The screen tells me app_1.2.3 is available.

I tried to update via the USB method available on your "Updating Firmware with a USB key" instructions, however the link on that page goes to the 1.2.2 firmware.

@ B. Wilks: we will update the images later today. Thx for your patience.