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Some issues... :-(

Hi Labs, I've got and installed my Monument two weeks ago. Connected mobile devices: iPad 3 + 2 Moto phones (Android 6.0.1). Firmware & Apps updated. Image database: around 80k (500 GB). First HD Connected 1 TB WD Elements. First I tested a "small" folder (around 50 GB), no problem; I stopped analyzing then I moved all the folders to the higher level (root); reconnected the HD to Monument that starded analyzing 80k images again. Momument seems to be working on the whole database since TEN days..... In the meanwhile I bought one Toshiba HD 2 TB for backup (NTFS): smooth connection in Port 2, Monument recognized It but it seems to be stuck on "initializing" status. Yesterday Monument stuck (again) analyzing 1450 images left. I tried to restart (plug in/out) but no good news. I have only "camera" tags working and the preview screen is still showing "old" thumbnails (my first test folder). What's happening? Thanx you.

Monument analyzes approximately 5,000 photos a day. We are working on a 3 times faster thumbnail creation routine which should speed things up a bit, but we are not there yet. 10 day duration is not too unexpected. Being stuck indicates a potentially problem file. We suggest submitting a diagnosis file. "Initializing" for a new drive is displayed extended durations of time (20+ minutes) if the drive was not previously cleanly ejected. Unplugging / replugging the drive just aggravates the situation resetting the clock. If however, after waiting, the drive never mounts, perhaps there are some issues with the drive. Suggest checking USB Drive Troubleshooting out. 

Thank you, Labs.
Just sent diagnostic info for the stuck issue at 1479 photo left ("analyzing..."). 

I'm using a Toshiba Canvio (you tested) as backup drive; I (un)plugged Monument, not the HD (the one and only way to reconnect the storage through android app!). May I re-initialize the drive (it's empty)?

Every time I launch the App my phone upload new photos.... so content to analyze by Monument is growing up day by day but the machine stuck. Led is still blinking white but no, no progress. :-(

It sounds like it is doing what it is supposed to do, but failing to show an indication. Suggest waiting a while longer, as 80k photos might take as long as 16 days, or even more, based on 4-5k per day. We will take a look at the diag report.

My Monument stuck at 1450 photos left 4 days ago. Every time I connect my Motorola the phone uploads new images, so the database to analyze is growing day by day (1530 now). No news from the machine, no countdown, the led is still blinking white since two weeks. I'm disperate. @Labs: when do you think you'll send me a ticket? I shared my infos three times in the last 72 hours! Thank you.

@Nicola: We have finally identified this issue, and will be prioritizing a release very soon to resolve it for users like yourself. It turns out it is a bug that we introduced in the firmware rather recently, as many people pointed out. Apologies for the inconvenience, We are currently testing the solution, and will put into the release pipe, should be out in a day or two.

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Thank you very much, Labs!
@Labs, [bad] news: now my Monument shows a 4 colors LED light loop (red, white, green, blue)!!! What does it mean? :-/
@M.L.: 4 days ago you said "the solution will be out in a day or two". News?

@Nicola: If it is reverting to RED occasionally, please eject and unplug all drives. Reboot monument, see if it goes away. You may have drive that pulls over 500mA of current.

@M.L.: no.... it was a 4 colors cycle!!! :-/

[News about the FW update?]

@Nicola: if the red is still in the mix, then you have boot loop, and the only resolution to that is this.