Updates (3/1/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We've released a bug-fix only firmware update (1.2.3) which addresses the following issues:

• Second drive might not be recognized if the first drive was added with v1.1.17 or older. 

• Unit might get stuck analyzing content if the unit has changed its drive.

• Locations could not be analyzed properly in some cases.

An iOS update (1.5.2) is also available which fixes the crashing issues some users have.

Thank you all,

The Monument Team

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>> "Next week we have multiple features coming that will bring us to perhaps 90% feature complete." You wrote this 24 days ago now and you promised to update the feature roadmap multiple times as well. Although you might not be that much people in your startup, you could still try to improve you after-sales management. Especially in your case where a product is sold that does not work as advertised, you should take care about your information management a bit more than you do right now. As of today, you achieved 44% of your roadmap features on Android (14 of 32) and 55% for ios (18 of 33). This is by far not even close to "perhaps 90%". How is your roadmap looking at the moment? Please provide information to the users that still believe in your motivation to achieve your advertised goals.

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I have over 6000 pics but only about 30 are assigned to cities some are not assigned to cameras and some are assigned to cameras I never heard of. Is there a way to reanalyze? Is that what I need to do?

It is just going by what's in the EXIF of the photo for camera name. As you zoom into countries, the cities may spilt into other ones as well.

@Patrick; You are right of course, and our apologies as juggling bug fixes and implementing features with limited start-up resources always seem to beat our best intentions. We did get everything more or less ready and in final testing, albeit far later than we wanted to, submitting to iOS store Friday afternoon. We are indeed easily 2 weeks behind that promise. Our sincere apologies,

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After the update, my photos kept analysing and the photo page on the phone is not updated. The light on the Monument kept blinking none stop .... nothing seem to work ... 

@M.L.: great job! ;-)
Dear Monument people
just after this last update here is a comment about "world map".

So far, world map didn't work at all, though all my pictures are geo-tagged.
At this moment, after uploading the last pictures automatically, ONE picture appears in the world map... just ONE.

Thanks for any comment.




how to upgrade it ?

i have now 152 & 122


@rigaux: updates will appear in your mobile device.

@Monument Labs:

- yesterday morning I updated the firmware to 1.2.3. The devices restart and finished to analyze the database (since 10 days Monument was stuck at 1700 images left); thumbnails smooth updated in real time. :-)

- while my Monument finished the analysis, I connected the second drive (brand new Toshiba 2 TB - NTFS formatted): Monument recognized it immediately and asked me to mount as "backup disc". :-)

- the second drive stuck on "initializing...." message, 0% backup in progress (the same issue also happened with old firmware): it shows this message since last night (10 hours), still no good news. :-(

- my phone (Moto X Style, Android 6.0.1) uploaded 19 photos on Monument. Monument STUCK AGAIN "analyzing" them!!!! :-(

- Monument now is still stuck at "analyzing" 19 new photos (since 10 hours). I've disconnected (ejected through app) the second drive that is still on "initializing..." status (maybe this issue is also linked to Monument stuck while it's analyzing photo? Or second drive connection failure is correlated to Monument stuck at photo analysis?). :-(

- WORLD MAP: only 210 images geotagged (80k uploaded!)..... only in my country. :-(

- FACE RECOGNITION: no, no good. E.g. I choose my wife's face ("99+"): 80% related images are other's faces, objects or.... comics pages! :-(

@rigaux: updates will appear in your mobile device.


I know for the iphone (but i already have the latest 152.... but what about the firmware 1.2.3?? (I have the 1.2.2)


Face recognition is still terrible at best. I have over 1000 images with one face recognized, even though the faces are in other images. Merging would take days or longer. Plus, the faces that were already together contain many mistakes, so they need to be separated. This is worse than useless, because it only occupies time and doesn't solve any problem. And, it takes forever to do it. Monument still crashes after merging faces, sometimes. There is no editing function, for rotating images (at least) so looking at pictures on a monitor is useless. As far as I can tell, Monument is still an expensive and time-consuming brick.


Since the last update I can not connect to monument again! I can still see some of the pics but I can't add n a album or anything, just hope I can benefit one day! Otherwise I have to change to WD Photos or so!!

@Andy: You probably have a bad wi-fi connection, try connecting through ethernet cable.

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