Updates (3/1/2017)

Hi Everyone,

We've released a bug-fix only firmware update (1.2.3) which addresses the following issues:

• Second drive might not be recognized if the first drive was added with v1.1.17 or older. 

• Unit might get stuck analyzing content if the unit has changed its drive.

• Locations could not be analyzed properly in some cases.

An iOS update (1.5.2) is also available which fixes the crashing issues some users have.

Thank you all,

The Monument Team

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>> "Next week we have multiple features coming that will bring us to perhaps 90% feature complete." You wrote this 24 days ago now and you promised to update the feature roadmap multiple times as well. Although you might not be that much people in your startup, you could still try to improve you after-sales management. Especially in your case where a product is sold that does not work as advertised, you should take care about your information management a bit more than you do right now. As of today, you achieved 44% of your roadmap features on Android (14 of 32) and 55% for ios (18 of 33). This is by far not even close to "perhaps 90%". How is your roadmap looking at the moment? Please provide information to the users that still believe in your motivation to achieve your advertised goals.

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@Patrick; You are right of course, and our apologies as juggling bug fixes and implementing features with limited start-up resources always seem to beat our best intentions. We did get everything more or less ready and in final testing, albeit far later than we wanted to, submitting to iOS store Friday afternoon. We are indeed easily 2 weeks behind that promise. Our sincere apologies,

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Bug fix didn't work.

Unit was stuck processing 7025 photos.

It moved on then got stuck processing 5025.

The blinking LED is driving me crazy, just like the monument.


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Just replying to comment about lateness of updates and out of date timeline. I think everyone understands that given your startup resources things can slip. What really isn't acceptable is not giving an update when a delivery date arrives and not updating the timeline. This only takes seconds and a bit of good time management. Silence is just frustrating, people shouldn't have to keep logging on just to find if there are updates I personally don't use my Monument at all as it's pretty much unusable. I mean it grabs my photos from my phone and all but I can't do anything with them. And don't get me started on the several hundred individual 'faces' all of my son.

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If you want mines, you could start a building block business...
I have over 6000 pics but only about 30 are assigned to cities some are not assigned to cameras and some are assigned to cameras I never heard of. Is there a way to reanalyze? Is that what I need to do?

It is just going by what's in the EXIF of the photo for camera name. As you zoom into countries, the cities may spilt into other ones as well.

General Problem Resolution After version 2.0.0 (app) / 1.3.0 (Firmware) Update:

1- Update your App first before updating the firmware. If you don't update your App, communication will be impossible, as we changed protocol.

2- If you updated the Monument, you can verify firmware version by looking at the HDMI output on a TV/Monitor, you should see it at the lower left corner (1.3.0).

3- If you successfully updated the firmware but now cannot connect after updating the App, delete the App, and reinstall. You do not need to reset your Monument.

If you have done these and still cannot connect, or if you have persistent RED or YELLOW LED on your Monument, please file a  ticket.

Hi, I have YELLOW LED on Monument, blue stuck screen on TV by HDMI left corner 1.3.0, App 2.0.0 on phone. Not seen Monument by Bluetooth and WiFi. No connection to Monument.


how to upgrade it ?

i have now 152 & 122


@rigaux: updates will appear in your mobile device.

Dear Monument people
just after this last update here is a comment about "world map".

So far, world map didn't work at all, though all my pictures are geo-tagged.
At this moment, after uploading the last pictures automatically, ONE picture appears in the world map... just ONE.

Thanks for any comment.



Ok, we all get that facial recognition is not what you want it to be, or what it's supposed to be. 

That aside, let's see if we can help you, but helping US understand how to teach the software. 

Let's use this first example to start:

     1. I don't have a face or name setup for my friend Scott. But I see him in the list. 

        I click on his face, name him and save. But when I go to confirm that all the other faces are him, I         notice that in fact, more are of ME, that of him. Only the first image is him. The rest are others but         MOSTLY, me. Should I a) Remove ALL other images, and leave the one that was on the face page         of Scott or b) remove everything except the most frequent face (in this case me) then save, and             rename it to me? The reason I ask, is because when I did the latter, it still showed Scott's face               when the merge occurred. I don't want to be doing anything that's going to counter act the learning         algorithm. 

      2. There are a bunch of faces, that are from people I don't really speak to anymore, or it's hard to tell         who it is, or it's not a real person (newspaper, comic, cartoon, etc) or you simply don't want that             person saved. (Plus, you still can't preview BEFORE you save. We REALLY need that feature if             we're going to be able to help you teach the algorithm) should we delete them? What exactly does           it mean, when we delete a face from the new face screen? Are we remove what you think that                GROUP of people are? Are we removing just that specific face you displayed there that you                  thought was a face from being any future faces?

      3. I've been TRYING to teach it faces, but I'm noticing that each time I select a face to add, it has           about 2 or 3 faces to add or merge of that actual person, and then the SAME photos keep popping         up. I remove them, get it down to just the person I'm working on, and then move on to add the next         new face, only to realize that the same photos I've JUST removed, are now in THIS face group.             How is this possible. If I have 10 faces for person 1, and only 1 of them is actually them, then I go         to the next person, who also has 10 faces, and 8 of them are from the previous face. But it's not             like the number increased. If it was making a correction on the fly, and you saw the numbers go             up, ok, that's one thing. But they aren't. What's going on here. 

      4. Can we get a better list? Maybe some filter options? Rather than just by number of photos per               face? And not a bar. So we can see more than like 5 faces at a time. 

       5. There has to be SOME kind of strategy you have in mind for US to use, to help you teach the               algorithm. I may not have asked all the right questions, but you get what kind of things I'm trying            to learn right? I have pictures that are really really dark, but you can KIND of make out a face.               Should we remove that? What about photos where I know it's a face, but really, it's a silhouette               and not really a face, but it IS that person. Should we save it? Is telling the algorithm that "Yes,             this IS that person (even if it's not there face)" incorrect or is it ok to teach the algorithm that                 based on other key features in the photos, we deduce that person x is in this photo? 

At least this way, if I KNOW how you want us to teach your software, I'm not being counter productive by getting it to just sort things the way I want them. 

Thanks and look forward to hearing what you can tell me. 


@M.L.: great job! ;-)
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