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Downloading firmware loop

The device keeps trying to download new firmware, however, it keeps cycling and trying again, and the app will not even connect to the device.

The issue is either with the USB ports or the way the software interacts with the USB. I tried to download the image from you USB upgrade guide and install it, I had to disconnect the hard drive (it is the WD ordered directly from your recommendation after my drive kept getting disconnected.) The upgrade from USB never worked. However, once the hard drive was disconnected the upgrade downloaded and installed correctly. Now it is still in a rebooting cycle, once the hard drive was reconnected.

@Adi: Your drive is likely pulling too much current for Monument to deliver, as Monument is limited to 500mA per port. You can overcome this by attaching a powered USB hub. See this article, which has links to two examples.

For your device future, I hope you are wrong. I believe that the device is getting stuck on one or more of my big files, a compilation of hundreds of pictures and in the hundreds of MB. As this has happened before on an older drive, I ordered a drive directly from your Amazon list. If your testing on a specific drive that you recommended did not show that you are running under power, then I am really losing hope in your development.

@Adi: if the device is getting stuck on a big file, we can help. But it does sound a drive current issue. We'll inform engineering to contact you. Thank for you patience.

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