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How to perform a hard reset?

Hi - How do you perform a hard reset of the Monument device? I want to wipe it clean of any settings I have added to it.

I have decided that waiting for Monument to catch up to its promise is not worth it, and I am planning on offering it on eBay - I will post a link here if anyone wants to bid on it.



There is reset in Settings.

I'm of tge same opinion. In addition, my device just died foday. It's rubbish....

Good luck with that!  I didn't even get a single watcher when I tried to sell my Monument on eBay. My worst ever Kickstarter project. (Perhaps I shouldn't have put that in the eBay post...) 

My device was recovered with updated fmw, but still does not fulfill my expectations. I just hope that it will get promised features soon, as it is just wasting electricity at the moment...
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